UNU CRIS is supporting European Union’s Project and Discourse on Water and Food Security

25 October 2022

Participation in 7th General Assembly & 8th Executive Board meeting Water Retention and Nutrient Recycling in Soils and Streams for Improved Agricultural Production  (WATERAGRI) Project

https://wateragri.eu/  ( 25-27 October 2022)

Dr. Nidhi Nagabhatla will participate in this meeting chairing the Executive Board and steering the discussion as to how the WATERAGRI project is aiming to re-introduce and enhance sustainable solutions for water retention and nutrient recycling to enable agricultural production that can sustain growing populations and cope with present and future climate change challenges in about 9 European Countries. Experts will assess the role of nature-based solutions such as integrated constructed wetlands, bio-inspired drainage systems, and sustainable flood retention basins in the agricultural landscape, leading to better retention of both water and nutrients. The project entails an innovative approach to public engagement, collaborating with theatre and filmmakers to connect to a wider public engagement and transforming research into experiential engagement for stakeholders in the agricultural world to connect with the wider public engaging their curiosity and enthusiasm for sustainable solutions in agricultural production, water, and food security. Dr. Nagabhatla has supported and engaged with the project (European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program - Grant Agreement No 85873-) right from its onset and contributes to providing advice and guidance to its agenda for sustainable food systems in Europe. The innovative and sustainable WATERAGRI water retention solutions are aiming to bring 8 technologies to European farmers such as farm-constructed wetlands, remote sensing pipelines, irrigation, agrometeorological monitoring, biochar for water retention, etc.

In the link to this project also note the event that UNU CRIS contributed to in 2021: https://www.oulu.fi/en/research/graduate-school/organisation-and-contact-information-uniogs/technology-and-natural-sciences-doctoral-programme/course-sustainability-water