UNU-CRIS will participate in the Debate Café on Climate Migration organised by Maastricht University

07 November 2022

UNU-CRIS will participate in the Debate Café on Climate Migration, which is organised by Maastricht University, a public research university in Maastricht, the Netherlands on 7 November 2022

A key question: Do migrants willingly choose to flee their homes, or is migration the only option available?

Data and information are limited on the multiple causalities, or “push factors,” restricting the ability to make migration governance a challenging task.

The UN International Organization for Migration has estimated that humanity will face 1 billion environmental migrants in the next 30 years.

Global report on water and migration outlines the gaps and needs in making migration management an inclusive and just process

The need for a constructive public conversation about climate migration is evident and important. The discourse for mechanisms and solutions to bridge the information and knowledge gap is pertinent. 

Join us at the Debate Café to hear a panel of experts on these issues and participate in the discussion yourself. 

On the sidelines of the event, This Debate Cafe is also tied in with the video art and media exhibition ‘No Access’ about border control and migration by Viewmaster Projects in the former NATO Headquarters De Cannerberg. It can be seen until 13 November. www.viewmaster-projects.com

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