Winner of UNU-CRIS Best Thesis Award Announced at College of Europe Closing Ceremony

26 June 2020

UNU-CRIS is pleased to announce that Patrik Plavec has won the United Nations University – CRIS Prize for the Best Thesis on the EU and Global Governance. The announcement was made at the College of Europe’s Virtual Closing Ceremony for the Hannah Arendt Promotion.

Patrik’s thesis, entitled Varieties of Jurisdictions: The Neofunctional Logic of EU External Competition Policy Engagement, examined the conditions under which the European Union engages externally in competition policy and tests the appropriateness of applying a neofunctionalist approach for specifying the conditions under which the EU engages externally in this policy area.

He was selected from an outstanding group of applicants and will have the option to undertake a three month internship at UNU-CRIS or accept a cash prize.

Last year’s winner, Filippo Blancato, spent a productive three months at UNU-CRIS during which he published a working paper based on his thesis, a policy brief, and several blog posts.  

The UNU-CRIS Best Thesis Award is an ongoing example of cooperation between UNU-CRIS, the UN’s knowledge hub on all aspects of regions and regional integration, and the College of Europe, one of the premier postgraduate training institutions in Europe, both of which call Bruges home.