Luk Van Langenhove publishes Article "Multilateral EU Action through Science Diplomacy”

10 June 2016

This publication makes part of a collection of six essays edited by the European Policy Centre (EPC) and addressing the following question: Over a five year horizon, what do you think should be the focus of the EU’s multilateral agenda?

Prof. Van Langenhove's answer (pp.27-30) suggests that the EU – a world leader in scientific research and innovation – could enhance its effectiveness in the multilateral arena by making better use of its science diplomacy in the realm of foreign policy. The article argues that science diplomacy would add value to EU action on the global stage, particularly with regard to its role as a regional security actor, commercial power and frontrunner in addressing global challenges such as climate change, energy and food security, and societal issues. It concludes that the ongoing EU Global Strategy process should be seized to raise the profile of science diplomacy in EU foreign policy thinking.