New Directions in Globalization Indices

Publication Date: 
13 August 2014
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This paper discusses the measurement of globalization with a view to advancing
the construction of globalization indices. It critically analyzes the types of indices that can
contribute to knowledge and policy on globalization. Three issues are particularly
highlighted: (a) the focus of measurement (i.e. on activities or policies); (b) the dimensions of
measurement (i.e. cultural, ecological, economic, political, and/or social); and (c) the units of
measurement (i.e. local, national, regional, and/or global). This paper argues that a
workable forward strategy should not seek to identify the single best composite globalization
index, but rather should work in an interdisciplinary mode towards a set of complementary
globalization indices. These quantitative analyses can then be productively blended with
qualitative approaches in a fuller assessment of globalization’s extent and impact.