UNU-CRIS staff attends the ISA Annual Conference, Toronto, 26-30 March 2019

27 March 2019

PhD Fellow Diana Potjomkina will be presenting two papers at the ISA 2019 convention.

Andrew F. Cooper, Fredrik Söderbaum, UNU-CRIS Associate Research Fellows, and Jamal B. Shahin, Associate Project Leader, will also participate at the 2019 International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Conference.

Professors Louise Fawcett and Katie Verlin Laatikainen, members of the UNU-CRIS Advisory Committee, will also be present!

ISA is connecting scholars, practitioners, and students across the globe.

The 2019 ISA Annual Conference will take place in Toronto, Canada between 26 and 30 March.

Please click here to consult the full programme.